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Stationery items are an essential part of any students life. Our ancestors invented these tools so that they can easily pass on the knowledge with help of these stationery items. But the stationery items have evolved significantly from their initial usage to now modified with technology.

Stationery is an inseparable and essential part of a student’s life. There are many stationery items for which students utilise for their studies at school as well as home. But not many students know their commonly used stationery items well enough. Read here how stationery items are useful for students and its advancement in the past decades.

How is stationery useful for students?

Stationery is the basic requirement for learning, without it, students are incapable of writing down the notes, drawing as well as taking tests
Stationery is essential for making school projects, assignments
It is the basic need of any student learning art and crafts, without it, students creativity will be restricted

Pencil – Pencil commonly made of graphite/lead, wood and clay is an instrument which is used to write. Earlier pencils were made of wood and lead, but now there are mechanical pencils which are the modern form of the pencil which has transformed the pencil allover. Students prefer mechanical pencils as it saves time and efforts of students which are wasted in sharpening the wooden pencil and it is easy to use and can be used for long-term.

Eraser – Before eraser was invented, our ancestors used wax or raw form of rubber or sandstones to erase the marks. Now eraser is available in various forms with different uses like rubber or gum eraser for pencil marks or kneaded erasers and vinyl erasers for removing marks on soft paper used for drawing. Duster is also an eraser used to remove chalk marks.

Why extracurricular is important with academics?

Sharpener – It is a tool to sharpens your pencils as and when the pointed lead is finished. There are many types of sharpeners like plastic/prism sharpener which is used manually and many mechanical/electric sharpener which saves efforts as it functions on an electric motor. Earlier, knives were used as sharpeners for sharping the wooden pencils.

Pens – The history pen mentions the use of thin wood or feathers to write by dipping in ink before the invention of a pen i.e. fountain pen, ballpoint pen, Gel pen or markers and sparkle pens (for art and craft work).

Tools of geometry – The most commonly used tools in geometry are a compass, protractor (D shaped), and ruler (scale) which are used to measure and study various forms, angles, shapes and figures in general.

Note books – Any pad made of paper bound together is known as a notebook. Mostly used as writing copies, drawing etc. Students use different notebooks for each subject including lab practicals for science class, notepad for noting down any important task, diary for homework or drawing or scrap books. Ancient people used papyrus/thick paper or leaves of palm plant for writing. Nowadays, students are required to do their assignment work on laptops/computers using word documents available in various software like Microsoft word, notepad or WordPad.